Thermal Data Handling

Thermal Data Handling (TDH) facilities are a computer based system that automates the thermal testing of spacecraft and other equipment. The main functions of the TDH are: Data acquisition, Data presentation and Power supply control. The TDH can be used anywhere in the test centre and can be used for different acquisition purposes independently in parallel.

Power supply control, data processing and data presentation is done by STAMP (System for Temperature Analysis Measurement and Power supply). STAMP is a client-server system running on a network of computers and allows to distribute the processing over as many computers as deemed necessary to perform a specific task, providing redundancies at the same time. Also DynaWorks workstations are available for data presentation and processing purposes

The main parameters of the Thermal Data Handling are listed below:

Analogue measurement capacity:
(temperature, pressure, V, I or R)
  +1000 channels
Digital measurement capacity:
(facility parameters)
  128 channels
Derived data capacity:
(average, difference, trend, etc)
  456 parameters
Power supplies*
• Konstanter 24W
• Konstanter 240W
• Lambda 1.5kW (IR lamps)
40 units
84 units
108 units
Feed thrus and connectors:
• Thermocouple connectors
• Signal/Electrical connectors
• RF connectors
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