VTC-1.5 Space Simulator

The VTC-1.5 Facility is a small thermal vacuum facility equipped with a solar simulator dedicated to equipment testing. The facility consists of a 3.5m-long and 2m-diameter horizontal cylindrical vacuum chamber connected to a sun simulation source through a 900mm-diameter quartz window.

The chamber is equipped with a 3-section thermal shroud system which can be operated either in gaseous or liquid nitrogen mode. In addition three independent liquid loop channels are capable of controlling the temperature of three conductive plates or customer specific MGSE. The high flux sun simulator is providing flux simulation up to 20 solar constants. Thanks to a fully automated thermal generator and specifically installed monitoring and control provisions the VTC 1.5 facility can be operated unattended in certain conditions e.g. during long duration tests.

The main parameters of the VTC-1.5 Space Simulator are listed below:

Vacuum Pumping System:
• Typical achievable vacuum
• Lowest achieved vacuum
System completely oil free
Shroud & Nitrogen Supply Equipment:
• Temperature in LN2 mode
• Gradient in LN2 mode
• Heat Load in LN2 mode
• Temperature in GN2 mode
• Gradient in GN2 mode
• Heat load in GN2 mode
• Temperature transition in GN2
• Solar absorptance
• IR emissivity
< 100K
123K - 393K
up to 2K/min
Three liquid loop channels:
• Temperature range
• Gradient in steady state
• Heat Load per Loop
213K - 373K
• Test volume
• Vacuum chamber volume
  Ø 1.7m x 3m
Ø 2m x 3.5m
Test article interface:
• IF conductive plate
• Ceiling suspension points
1m x 1.2m with a 10mm M6 pattern
6x 150kg in a pattern of 1100mm x 975mm
High Flux Solar Simulator (all parameters TBC):
• Light source
• Total irradiance
• Beam diameter (mm)
• Flux uniformity
• Decollimation
  non-filtered Xenon discharge lamp
1 to 20 Solar Constant
550 mm
± 10%
maximum 2 degree