Micro-vibration facilities

The Reaction Wheel Characterisation Facility (RCF) and 6dMVMS allow to measure interface forces/moments induced by your equipment. The facilities are complimentary: The RCF is used for measuring at higher frequencies in the mN range and the 6dMVMS is used for low frequencies in the uN range. By using a vacuum vessel the RCF provides the ability to perform measurements under “low” vacuum conditions, the 6dMVMS is also able to excite equipment.

The 6 DOF data set acquired with the both facilities can be used to characterize the induced micro-vibration environment or as input to analytical models allowing an accurate investigation of the contribution of unit level operational dynamics to subsystem or system level performances.

The main parameters of the facilities are listed below:

RCF Characteristics:
• Lateral forces Fx, Fy
• Vertical forces Fz
• Moments Mx, My
• Torques Mz
• Frequency bandwidth
• Maximum payload
• Table dimensions
20mN – 200N
40mN – 200N
2mNm – 20Nm
6mNm – 25Nm
320 x 320mm
6dMVMS Characteristics in measurement mode:
• Forces
• Torques
• Frequency bandwidth
• Maximum payload
• Table diameter
10uN – 1N
10uNm – 1Nm
6dMVMS Characteristics in excitation mode:
• Accelerations
• Angular accelerations
• Frequency bandwidth
105 – 103 m/s2
105 – 102 rad/s2