HYDRA Multi-axis Shaker

The HYDRA Multi-axis Shaker is the most powerful of all shakers in the ESTEC Test Centre. HYDRA is an hydraulic shaker with a 6 degree of freedom control system that allows testing all axes with one setup and allows excitation in multiple directions and frequencies. The maximum payload tested is 23 tons.

The HYDRA shaker can be used for sine, transient or random testing in the frequency range from 0.1Hz to 100Hz with acceleration levels from 0.02 g up to 5 g. A state-of-the-art control system is available with up to 60 available channels for vibration input control and automatic test article response limiting. More acceleration measurement channels can be recorded by a mobile data handling system with up to 512 measurement channels.

The main parameters of the HYDRA Multi-axis Shaker are listed below:

Maximum static force:
• Vertical
• Horizontal
Maximum displacement
Maximum velocity
  140mm p.p.
Maximum acceleration
  5 g
Minimum controllable level   0.02 g
Frequency bandwidth   0.1-100Hz
Maximum load
Maximum overturning moment
Mass of moving assembly
22500 kg
Empty facility first resonance   60Hz
Test article interface:
• Table outer dimensions
• Hole pattern
• Hole dimensions
5.5m x 5.5m
320mm x 320mm