640kN QUAD Shaker

The QUAD Shaker is the most powerful electrodynamic shaker of the ESTEC Test Centre. The QUAD shaker can efficiently and safely test payloads with a mass of up to 10000kg in vertical direction thanks to a thrust of 640kN generated by four single 160kN shakers. A magnesium alloy head expander connected to the four shakers creates a 3.3m x 3.3m interface for payload installation. The QUAD shaker is used for sine, random* or transient testing in the frequency range from 3Hz to 2000Hz with acceleration levels from 0.05 g up to 20 g. A state-of-the-art control system is available with up to 40 available channels for vibration input control and automatic test article response limiting. More acceleration measurement channels can be recorded by a mobile data handling system with up to 512 measurement channels.

The main parameters of the QUAD Multishaker are listed below:

Maximum thrust:
• Sinusoidal
• Transient
• Random*
640kN peak
1280kN peak
Maximum displacement in sine
Maximum displacement in transient
Maximum velocity
  20mm p.p.
30mm p.p.
Maximum sine acceleration
Maximum transient acceleration
  20 g
40 g
Minimum controllable level < 100Hz
Minimum controllable level > 100Hz
  0.05 g
0.1 g
Frequency bandwidth:
• In sine
• In transient
Maximum load
Maximum overturning moment
Mass of moving assembly
3260 kg
Cross-axis response <150Hz   < 5%
Empty facility first resonance   180Hz
Test article interface:
• Table outer dimensions
• Hole pattern
• Hole dimensions
3.3m x 3.3m
80mm x 80mm

* Random vibration levels and frequencies on request.