Thermo-Elastic Deformation Measurements

In ambient, vacuum and cryogenic environmental conditions measurements of thermo-elastic deformation can be performed with the dedicated high speed videogrammetry measurement system. The system is built up with 8 monochrome micro cameras and 2 RGB cameras that survive the extreme conditions in the test chamber. With the use of reflective targets, structured light or natural features of the test object the user can measure the 3-dimensional displacement of the targets across the thermal test at micro meter level. Traceability is guaranteed with the use of calibrated scale bars, made of carbon fibres and/or Zerodur glass.

The main parameters of the Videogrammetry system are listed below:

Cameras:   8x Basler Ace acA2040-25gmNIR, 2x RGB
Resolution:   2048 x 2048 or 0.0055x0.0055 mm pixel size
Accuracy:   5 ppm
Frame rate:   25 fps
Scale bars:   Zerodur, CFRP, INVAR